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Beta Release

In September 2019 I released the public beta. I thought I would have the time to work on the game this time around, but that proved challenging at university. So, driven by your feedback, development continued through the winter of 2019. During this phase, the last couple of menus were designed and added to the game. This included optional in-app purchases and statistics about your Outpost. In-app purchases were made to be completely non-intrusive to the game itself and should only help people who choose to support future development of the game. This was something I was very clear to myself on because I've always felt that the mobile pay-to-win model ruins whatever game it's been attached to. Sound effects and ambient music were also added during the public beta.

More than 250 of you tested Final Outpost over the following months leading up to version 1.0! All your feedback and ideas are also being used to inform future updates to the game. Thank you to everyone who participated.


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