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Final Outpost 1.3

Updated: Nov 29

Greetings survivors,

In the ever-evolving world of Final Outpost, our dedicated team has been diligently crafting a series of incremental yet crucial updates since the debut of v1.3 in the early months of 2022. We're listening to our community, refining and enhancing the game in response to your invaluable feedback. Here is a rundown of our latest updates to the game:


🆕 NEW 🆕

• Complete overhaul to the sound effects system - new SFX and improvements

• Added 7 new achievements to the game!

• Added indicator for skill points dropped by zombies

• Distant combat sound effects return to the game in 1.3.15, which gradually decrease as you play

• New Christmas app icon!


• Crates are now shown up-close after being purchased

• Display the range of damage for knife fighters in the job menu

• Added sound effect for burning buildings

• Removed forge and sniper ladder-climbing sounds

• Reduced app download size

• Localisation updates

• Updated the credits in the main menu


• Fixed the audio volume for many sound effects

• Citizens now always have the correct statistics for their first job after loading the game

• Fixed another instance of citizens not leaving the base after pressing continue on game over

• Snipers now leave the base as expected when assigned while it is unsafe outside during the day

• Fixed snipers not shooting when loading the game is loaded while it is unsafe outside during the day

• Fixed issue with snipers when it turns day while they are climbing a ladder

• Fixed issue with snipers where game over is reached while they are climbing a ladder and continue is pressed

• Level 1 towers with snipers assigned now correctly burn when struck by lightning

• Fixed a case where a knife fighter could become idle while zombies are at the wall

• Possible fix to an issue with knife fighters while choosing which zombie to target

• Farmers no longer occasionally work out of sync with their progress bar

• Farmers progress bars are no longer unintentionally at 100% when loading into the game


Dear players,

For a minor update this is a rather large one. We have completely reworked the sound effects system, bringing improvements to distance-dependent volume, distant fighting noises, volume levels, and added some sounds you may not have heard before! We have also added new achievements, a new skill point drop indicator, and of course a winter-themed app icon.

Perhaps most significant in this update are the bug fixes. We have improved logic for snipers, knife fighters and farmers as well as for when you press continue on the game over screen. I hope you enjoy these improvements!

Thank you for reading this far and for supporting Final Outpost. We hope to bring you much more over the coming months.

- Sam




























Final Outpost v1.3

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