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Final Outpost 1.3

Updated: Mar 26

Final Outpost 1.3.3

(25th March 2023)

  • Introducing a brand-new tutorial, utilising a tip-based system to guide you as you play the game

  • Citizens now leave their housing in an orderly fashion, just after the person in front of them. No more waiting for that other citizen on the other side of your Outpost.

  • Improved how citizen health is calculated. Everyone now has their own personal distance from death itself!


  • The “Educated” achievement is now unlocked by viewing all tips in the tutorial

  • Increased responsiveness during transition between main menu and game

  • Workshop build time reduced to 5s (from 30s)

  • Significant improvements to the Spanish translation

  • Corrections and improvements to all translations

  • Smoothed out code behind-the-scenes, paving the way for some shiny new code

  • Knife fighter AI has been re-written to be more robust


  • The “Expert” achievement is no longer off-limits. Go for 100% achievement completion!

  • Knife fighters no longer forget to randomise their damage when no knife damage skills have been unlocked

  • Many minor bug fixes


Final Outpost 1.3.2

(5th May 2022)


  • Increased likelihood of survivors seeking refuge

  • Big zombies now give +3 skill points (from +1)


  • Fire now loads correctly

  • Fixed housing upgrades sometimes causing your citizens to stop working

  • Training a knife fighter no longer occasionally causes overpopulation


MAJOR: Final Outpost 1.3

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