Words From The Developer

"Final Outpost was an idea I had whilst sleeping in June 2018. I wrote down everything that came to me and decided to begin working on the game full-time at the beginning of July.

I tend to get carried away with all sorts of projects from video editing and film making to programming. I rarely finished an app I came up with, so naturally, I was skeptical of this one at first.

Each time I built a feature from the original plan, I would have an urge to add something new to the game. Slowly the initial idea evolved from a simple town-building game into a simulation game.

Inspired by both The Walking Dead comics and video games I played as a child - ranging from Caesar III to Don't Starve - Final Outpost turned out to be a mashup of my favorites."

Meet The Team

Sam Clothier

Game Publisher, Developer & Designer

Sam is the creator of Final Outpost. He began the project back in 2018 as the sole developer and designer. Later on, he organized the public beta and marketing strategy. As Final Outpost found success on the App Store, he continues to lead the design process for new updates as the main developer.


Sam has also been studying for a masters degree in neuroscience at University College London since 2018. He is slightly obsessed with the bridging of biological and artificial intelligence and is now an intern at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. He plans to specialize in computational neuroscience later in his degree.


Much of Sam’s childhood was spent playing computer games with his friends. He credits this experience with catalyzing his desire to learn to code so he could create a game that was exactly what he wanted to play. He is influenced by the management games he played from an early age and the concept of survival in comics, TV and games. Luckily other people seem to enjoy the game too.

Ben Clothier

Art Designer

Ben has always had an interest in graphic design and had previously dabbled in pixel art. Because of this, he was asked by Sam to create the artwork for the game, particularly for its world and some elements of the UI. Since this, Ben has moved on and is now focusing on creating his own game using the Unity engine that will eventually be released on PC.


Ben’s main interest lies with computer science, which he has studied at both GCSE and A level. He has decided to take this further in September when he will begin studying for a degree in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence, most likely at Southampton University.


Even more so than Sam, Ben has grown up playing a lot of computer games which led to a great interest in both programming and game design. After seeing Final Outpost come together, he decided to make his own game. Watch this space.

Ewan Hart

Web Designer

Ewan's current full-time job as a Web Developer/Marketer has given him the appropriate knowledge to build this website. As Web Designer, Ewan also plays a vital role in updating the website as well as the online presence of Final Outpost.

Ewan is going to Nottingham Trent University in September to study Graphic Design, enabling him to collaborate on future graphic design work for Final Outpost. With possible future ventures into updating social media channels to boot, there will be more free time for Sam to concentrate on bigger updates to the game.


Outside of work, Ewan's main interests are Formula 1 and video games. However, unlike the others, he would rather play triple A titles such as FIFA and Call of Duty than to immerse himself in the intricacies of a strategy game like Final Outpost. Sorry, Sam!

Ben Clothier

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Art Designer


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