Words From The Developer

"Final Outpost was an idea I had whilst sleeping in June 2018. I wrote down everything that came to me and decided to begin working on the game full-time at the beginning of July.

I tend to get carried away with all sorts of projects from video editing and film making to programming. I rarely finished an app I came up with, so naturally, I was skeptical of this one at first.

Each time I built a feature from the original plan, I would have an urge to add something new to the game. Slowly the initial idea evolved from a simple town-building game into a simulation game.

Inspired by both The Walking Dead comics and video games I played as a child - ranging from Caesar III to Don't Starve - Final Outpost turned out to be a mashup of my favorites."

Meet The Team

Sam Clothier

Game Publisher, Developer & Designer

Slightly obsessed with the bridging of biological and artificial intelligence, Sam has been studying neuroscience at University College London since 2018. He has interned at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research and is now associated with the Neural Computation Lab at UCL.


Whilst learning how to code in Python and Swift, Sam worked during holidays on a game that would become Final Outpost. He continued to work on new updates in 2020 with Ewan following the success of the game on the App Store. He founded the company Exabyte Games in December 2020 and the Ben-Ben duo took the reins of development. Sam is now involved with the
strategic, marketing, technical and creative direction of the company.


Sam is a fan of the McLaren F1 team, The Walking Dead, Nothing But Thieves, and loves a good management game.

Ben Clothier

Game Developer

Ben has grown up playing a lot of computer games which has led to a great interest in programming and game design. Because of this, he has been studying Computer Science at University of Southampton since 2020.


Over the summer of 2020, Ben learnt how to use the Unity game engine with help from online courses and YouTube tutorials. Both Ben and Sam realised that they could work together to make more games with Ben’s technical skills and Sam’s leadership. This naturally led to forming a start-up together.


Ben plays a huge variety of PC games (a lot of which are management games), listens to a lot of modern rock, plays the piano, and appreciates a good game of poker.

Ewan Hart

Marketing and Design

Ewan’s previous full-time role as an apprentice Digital Marketer gave him the skills to design, manage and maintain websites and social media accounts. Self-taught in Sony Vegas and Photoshop, Ewan is well-versed in video postproduction and design.


Ewan began studying BA Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University in September 2020. He was heavily involved with graphics production and marketing strategy for the Final Outpost 1.1 update in Summer 2020. Ewan and Sam have been friends since they met in 2016, so it felt natural to join the Final Outpost team.


Ewan loves Formula 1 (and has designed many liveries and mods for the games), is a supporter of Forest Green Rovers FC, watches the NBA, listens to The Weeknd, and can’t stop talking about politics. He is a fan of racing and sports video games (not FIFA).


Ben Clothier

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Game Developer


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