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Updated: Mar 26

Final Outpost 1.3.3

(25th March 2023)

  • Introducing a brand-new tutorial, utilising a tip-based system to guide you as you play the game

  • Citizens now leave their housing in an orderly fashion, just after the person in front of them. No more waiting for that other citizen on the other side of your Outpost.

  • Improved how citizen health is calculated. Everyone now has their own personal distance from death itself!


  • The “Educated” achievement is now unlocked by viewing all tips in the tutorial

  • Increased responsiveness during transition between main menu and game

  • Workshop build time reduced to 5s (from 30s)

  • Significant improvements to the Spanish translation

  • Corrections and improvements to all translations

  • Smoothed out code behind-the-scenes, paving the way for some shiny new code

  • Knife fighter AI has been re-written to be more robust


  • The “Expert” achievement is no longer off-limits. Go for 100% achievement completion!

  • Knife fighters no longer forget to randomise their damage when no knife damage skills have been unlocked

  • Many minor bug fixes


Final Outpost 1.3.2

(5th May 2022)


  • Increased likelihood of survivors seeking refuge

  • Big zombies now give +3 skill points (from +1)


  • Fire now loads correctly

  • Fixed housing upgrades sometimes causing your citizens to stop working

  • Training a knife fighter no longer occasionally causes overpopulation


MAJOR: Final Outpost 1.3

Updated: May 9, 2022

We're excited to share that Final Outpost 1.3 is OUT NOW! With new features such as the all-new skill tree, overhauled weather system and native leaderboards and achievements, this major update offers new challenges to players and introduces an exciting element of competition.



Upgrade the capabilities of your citizens with the SKILL TREE in Final Outpost 1.3. Earn skill points by killing zombies and ensure the survival of your citizens by guiding them from novice to warrior as you play.

INVENTORY - In the beginning, your citizens don’t have the necessary tools to transport heavy loads. Unlock inventory skills to increase the carrying capacity of your citizens and see them bring home vast quantities of resources.

MOVEMENT - Continuous labour and intensive training can improve the movement speed of your citizens around their Outpost. In turn, citizens become more productive, bringing back resources more efficiently.

NOISE - Novices generate more noise when killing zombies. Train your citizens to become silent killers over time, attracting less zombies to your wall.

DAMAGE - Whether you decide to train your citizens in knife-handling skills or make them sharpshooters, they will become more accurate with every skill unlocked, dealing more damage to zombies.



Experience ALL-NEW WEATHER EFFECTS in Final Outpost 1.3. Brave the snow during winter, droughts during summer and even the occasional lightning strike during a violent storm.

Harsh winters remain a challenge in 1.3 with a reduction in crop yield. Snow becomes yet another hindrance to the production of food in your Outpost.

The introduction of rain and thunderstorms poses a new threat to your Outpost. Lightning strikes loom large during storms and occasionally cause a fire within your walls, reducing a damaged building to ashes.

Like winter, summer droughts will weaken the yield your farmers are able to achieve. Dehydrated soil will make many crops die and it becomes crucial to re-deploy farmers to the forest in search of wild animals.



With native integration of Game Center and Play Game Services, Final Outpost 1.3 brings a brand-new way to track your achievements and view leaderboards. Whether you’re killing your first zombie or have already completed the skill tree, players can now compete among friends and fight to become the best in the world. Join our Discord server here to join in the fun.



  • New main menu artwork

  • Improved knife fighter AI

  • Added option to change behaviour of the fast-forward button

  • Citizens now search for a new place to sleep if their house is demolished

  • Citizens will now adjust sleeping position if their house is upgraded

  • When loading up a game, the camera now positions itself on the most important part of your Outpost

  • The save panel is shown when returning to the main menu from the game

  • Knife fighters now get redistributed automatically to a new wall when it is built

  • Tweaked brightness during the night

  • Saw now only requires level 2 workshop

  • Citizens release at 7am is now staggered slightly

  • Improved worker positioning on wall

  • Many, many bug fixes

In September 2019 I released the public beta. I thought I would have the time to work on the game this time around, but that proved challenging at university. So, driven by your feedback, development continued through the winter of 2019. During this phase, the last couple of menus were designed and added to the game. This included optional in-app purchases and statistics about your Outpost. In-app purchases were made to be completely non-intrusive to the game itself and should only help people who choose to support future development of the game. This was something I was very clear to myself on because I've always felt that the mobile pay-to-win model ruins whatever game it's been attached to. Sound effects and ambient music were also added during the public beta.

More than 250 of you tested Final Outpost over the following months leading up to version 1.0! All your feedback and ideas are also being used to inform future updates to the game. Thank you to everyone who participated.

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