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Announcing Final Outpost 1.4

Updated: Mar 27

We’re pleased to announce Final Outpost 1.4: The Food Update! This major new update includes a redesigned food system, improved progression experience, and much more.

And this is only the first in a series of major updates coming to Final Outpost this year!


Hunters shoot deer, bringing back meat that will feed your citizens for a long time. Now you can build meat drying racks to store this meat!

Animals take a while to kill, but are rewarding when brought back to your citizens. And overhunting will cause the animal population to dwindle and struggle to recover.

The starvation system has been revamped in this update. The timing and way citizens eat has been completely reworked to allow more experimentation from the player when getting started, whilst offering players more of a challenge later on once they have mastered the game’s core mechanics.

Famines used to be capable of wiping out your Outpost in a short space of time. Now, starvation affects your Outpost more gradually, merely setting you back in the fight for survival against the zombies.


Farms have been completely reworked in Final Outpost 1.4. Farmers now contribute to the productivity of a farm in a 3-day growth cycle, with their effectiveness reduced by droughts and winter and boosted by rain during this period.

Once fully grown, wheat becomes harvestable. If there is not enough wheat storage available your farmers will have less time to work on the next growth cycle, or worse - your wheat will start decaying!


In search of more food, hunters have discovered the elusive right-hand side of the Outpost. Using a secondary depot for storing resources, hunters can gain access to an increased population pool of deer if players choose to use this strategy.

Lumberjacks and scavengers also use the forest on the right side if it means they will be able to get their resources faster this way.


We have implemented UI changes allowing you to see at a glance when capacity has been reached or a citizen doesn’t have the resources it needs. This allows for a better Outpost management experience and enables you to react more quickly to any inefficiencies in your strategy.


  • New Outposts start with 150 wood (from 100)

  • Added new tips for critical animal population and farm harvesting

  • Decreased frequency of lightning strikes by 33%

  • Outsiders who have already been let in no longer block taps on other outsiders

  • Increased size of Discord and website buttons

  • Reordered some of the buildings in the construction menu

  • Fixed lightning audio ending early when fast forwarding

  • Fixed rare issue where zombies appeared in the centre of the outpost after a horde night where zombies from the previous night were still at the walls

  • Fixed some citizens not automatically coming out to work after paying to continue


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